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We specialize in AKC registered, Show, Pet, and Companion Miniature Poodles. Our prices vary depending on the background of the pup, the size, and other variables so we prefer not to post a set price on our site. If you would like specific pricing information, please contact me at using this text based link, or use the email button below. Please include specific information as to what you are looking for if you know. If you do not know exactly what it is you are looking for, just try to be a specific as you can, and I will give as good a quote as I can based on your information. If you are just shopping around I can also give you an approximate price range, if that will help. Please keep in mind that we are in no way, shape, or form a "puppy mill" or "puppy factory", and there will be times when we will not have certain colors and/or sizes. I am breeding Black and Brown miniatures with an occasional "Pick of litter " from my red stud dogs. Our babies are born in my bedroom with my assistance. They reside there in my bedroom until they are old enough to graduate to the "puppy room". After their first shots, they can socialize with my grandchildren (all 10 of them). The pups all have their vaccines up-to-date and have a stool test before they leave home.

Dot AKC Registration and Pedigree Information

All our breeding stock, and pups are fully registered with The American Kennel Club. We take great pride in the fact that we are associated with such a fine organization, and we share their beliefs in quality, and healthy breeding practices. When our pups are sold to their new owner, they come complete with a Health Certificate, Guarantee, Up-to-Date and complete shot record, and lots of do's and don'ts for the care and maintenance of our little tail waggin puppies. With every pup you will receive a Pedigree, and it will look liek this. Pictured Below is an example. (Click on the picture for a large version).

Dot Payment and Shipping Information

A deposit will hold a pup until the pup is old enough to travel, and payment in full is required prior to the pup leaving home. Certified Bank Draft, or Money Order is the preferred method of payment. Our pups are shipped via major airline from Newark, NJ. Shipping prices vary of course depending on the destination, and time of year, but usually range from $160 to $260. There are also seasonal restrictions on shipping due to temperature extremes. For more information on shipping, please contact me.

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